Freestyle Rapping is one of the most fretted-up activities around the world. So many people wish they could freestyle! Though none of them have ever been successful at it. However, I think everybody can benefit from filling the void of freestyle rapping. This article will give you an idea of what it is and how you can start.

First, you need to know what freestyle rapping is. In a nutshell, freestyle rapping is when you are not following any specificities. The way to think of this is like a super blur. In other words, one does not have to know all of the rules to succeed as a freestyle rapper. The way you can begin is to find a great artist that you like and look up to. I think finding an artist that you look up to helps tremendously. Find them and listen to some of their stuff. Really listen to the way they flow.

If you can’t find any inspiration for a rhyming topic you can use one your existing knowledge to come up with one. If you have an idea for a song you can pick a topic and start freestyling about that topic. This is one of the best ways to come up with topics for freestyle rapping. Just use your own knowledge to come up with ideas.

Once you have a topic you want to freestyle about, you want to take your time and really focus on your lyrics. When you get that down, you start to be creative. You will sit down with your pen and paper and start to write. When you have a good verse, you should never stop writing. There is no such thing as staring at a paper or computer screen and not writing. Some people are great at writing and others not so great. When you stop writing, you should go back and review your verse lyrics to make sure you still have the ones that sound good.

Remember that you want to make sure the flow of your lyrics makes the listener want to hear more. Mention some major key points that will help you accomplish that.

The next thing you need to do is practice your freestyle rapping for as long as you can. Writing lyrics to rap is a great way to learn freestyle rapping. Watch some of the videos that have the rappers freestyling. If you can’t find one, you can find any video of hip-hop rapists and watch their performances or yours. Get the lyrics to rap out loud as you can. focus mainly on your emotional state at that moment or let loose with the pen and paper. Whatever you do, don’t stop for 5 minutes. That is the worst thing you can do for memorization.

The key to any freestyle is relaxation and patience. So practice often and take breaks when you get frustrated. If you know you have some type of health problem, lay off the practice sessions. You will heal and get back to your regular writing schedule.

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Get Brothers

Throughout the course of time Brothers have been a part of rap music. This is because that the lyrics that are written and performed by emcees can reflect the mood of the writer and the audience. You will never be bored when you listen to a rapper.

Sometimes it is important to include brothers in your freestyle rapping just to give you more material to work with. You can include brothers like Lil Wayne, Master P, or 2 Pac in your playlist.

Get Good Players

These are your favorite hip-hop players; you will use them throughout your career. If you have a brother that plays some instrument like guitar, bass or drums, you can use that instrument when you practice your freestyle rapping. If you know any other good players, you can ask them to help you out and to perform along with you; this will greatly help your skills.

Use A Rhyming Dictionary

Every time you want to work up a new rhyme or word, you should look up the dictionary to find other words that rhyme with that new word. This will take you some time to find every suitable rhyme, but you will find that this will help your freestyle rapping in the long run.

Freestyle rap battles are a big draw; however; it’s not all about freestyle rapping. You will also want to take your freestyle skills and show people that those skills are improved when you include the use of these tools.