Rentals & Technical Info

Renting is not possible through this website.

The 1,568 seat Count Basie Theatre is available for rent for performances, benefit concerts, dance and music recitals, business and corporate functions, and civic gatherings. The theatre’s rehearsal studio and Cool School storefront on Monmouth Street are also available for smaller functions, meetings, pre-show receptions, and rehearsals. For more information, contact the Count Basie Theatre’s administrative office at (732) 224-8778 extension 105.

Rates as of April 2014:

A flat Theatre Use Fee applies to the use of the theatre itself. In addition to the Theatre Use Fee, additional charges apply on a per-hour or per-use basis for stage labor, ushers, security personnel, cleaning, box office services, and use of the theatre’s equipment. These additional charges vary considerably according to the specific needs of your production. Therefore, we encourage you to call for an estimate.

I. Theatre Use Fees

Rates are for one event/performance on one day.
Add 50% for each additional performance/event on the same day.
Add the rehearsal rate for a rehearsal on the same day as the performance.

Commercial Rate:
$5,000 per day for one performance.

Nonprofit Rate:
Call Izzy Sackowitz, Vice President of Operations, at (732) 224-8778 x122 for details on nonprofit rental rates. To qualify for the nonprofit rate you must supply a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter. The nonprofit rate is not available December 1 to December 31.

II. Additional Fees

The Theatre Use Fee includes just the use of the theatre itself. The Theatre Use Fee does NOT include the Additional Fees below for labor, services and equipment. The Additional Fees are established by mutual agreement according to the specific needs of your production.

Stage Labor:

Technical Director $28.00 per hour (4 hour min.)
Assistant Technical Director $26.00 per hour (4 hour min.)
Stagehands $24.00 per hour per person (4 hour min.)
Runners $15.00 per hour per person (4 hour min.)
Hours between midnight and 6:00 a.m. are double time.
Holidays are double time.
More than forty hours in one week are time-and-one-half.
Film, recording and broadcast rate is time-and-one-half.
More than one rate increase can be in effect at the same time.

Front of House Labor:

House Manager $150.00 per performance
Ushers $650.00 per performance
Security Supervisor $30.75 per hour (4 hour min.)
Security $18.50 per person per hour (4 hour min.)
Police Security $65.00 per hour (4 hour min.)
Cleaning $425.00 per performance

Box Office Charges:

Ticket Sales (from the Box Office) $1.00 per ticket sold ($300 minimum)
Ticket Printing $0.10 per ticket printed by the Box Office
Credit Card Charges 4.25% of credit card sales
Cancellation and Refund Charges 2.5% of credit card sales
Credit card charges and refund charges both apply in the event of a cancellation and are not refundable.

Other Charges:

Piano Rental $450.00 per day
Piano Use and Tuning $450 (includes first tuning)
Additional Piano Tunings: $125
Dance Floor $125.00 per use
House Follow Spot $90.00 per unit per performance
Stage Lighting (house plot, no refocus) $250.00 per performance, $150 per rehearsal
Moving Lights $500.00 per performance, $250.00 per rehearsal
Sound Equipment $1850 per performance, include Stacks, Racks, and Console only. If house sound system is not used a $1200.00 striking fee will be charged.
Video Projection $500.00 per performance, $250.00 per rehearsal
Risers $50.00 per 4’ X 8’ unit
Assorted backline equipment – call for pricing
2 Street Level Classrooms, 1 Upper Level Rehearsal Room, Carlton Lounge – for rental rates call 732-224-8778 x 122
Merchandise and Souvenir Sales 25% of gross merchandise sales receipts
Equipment rentals arranged by the theatre Rental cost plus 10%
Inclusion in the theatre’s bi-monthly Calendar of Events mailing $1,250 per insertion
Non-refundable security of $1,000.00-$10,000.00 depending on the event.