A lot of people equate DJs and musicians alike. They are the same, just different between you and me. Now, there are a lot of fantastic DJs out there, I mean some of our good artists can’t DJ, for example. There are also musicians that can, but I won’t just list a couple of them here. But just me lone artist here, I won’t include any super-star DJs from here on out, because as great as they are, they may not be able to carry a tune in a hot-tempo, slick club like mine. In fact, I just don’t have the heart to motivate to try to convince them to do a remix, ever.

Nonetheless, all I know is that there are a lot of trials and tribulations in between. Which track do you favorite? which artist can drive your car to satisfaction? better yet, whose beats can calm you down when you are working hard all day. But as said before, I won’t list any out-of-the-ordinary computer remixer website. There are just way too many for me to count.

These are just some points that I wanted to share with you on some possible future entertainers. I know that we all have our “stars” or our favorite DJs that we absolutely worship. Although, some of us, especially me, are ” Unlimited” sources of inspiration. Inspiration is the key to making history. Having said that, I tremble even at the thought of all that could have gone wrong with the one I thought could give me that extra something, which nobody knows has yet.

So, if you’re looking for a “new” artist that’s on the “movement”, the word is Trance Of course! Life is too short and depressingly stagnant as well. Therefore, you will never get anywhere unless you start from somewhere. When I heard the beats of raw & powerful energy that only trance can provide, that’s when I took a jump of the audition.

Trance Of Course!

The second important trance influence from the “Old School” era was the Europeans. Psytrance took off in Europe, carving its own separate path. Within a couple of years, trance had arrived in America, and it’s still burning strong. If it weren’t for trance, within a couple of years it would have died. Why did it survive all that? Because trance is adaptable, and it adapted to the “Old School” scene.

How Do You Understand Me Now?

By now, you’ve probably heard my introduction to trance, if you haven’t heard it yet. I want you to know that even though I wrote this article as a 20-year-old, that mindset, that same mindset with the desire to achieve my dream, still comes through. You know what, that’s why I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about me, and better yet, you may become a fan as well.

This is an article for any DJ, whether they be “Classical” Tribute, Club DJ, Radio DJ, and even a Karaoke DJ. It’s about how others go about doing what you are trying to do. Here are some pointers from a fellow who had to take the plunge and it paid off for him.

1. Listen to other musicians. Let them inspire you. Why would you aspire to be a club DJ if you’re out dancing the night away listening to your favorite tunes? Make time for that. You may not achieve your goals right away, but the time will come. Listen, and you’ll find that it’s often a subconscious act.

2. Never let yourself be judgmental. Do not feed into the judgmental mindset. I know it sounds crazy, but if you’re the type of person that believes that everyone else is better than you, then you will never be happy with yourself. Well, unless your ancestry is Bieber, obviously. The bottom line is none of us are the same and we all have different goals. Accept the fact that we all have different abilities and work toward our own interests.

3. Pitch your song to A&RWAs such as A&R obstructions skeleton, many a talented young artist meets an unbeatable wall. They don’t know what to say or do to improve their craft. Well, you don’t have to be an 18-year-old female to improve your music, pitch your song to whoever is around. Whether they say yes or no doesn’t matter. They may say no, but that’s just how it goes. Go for their necks. Remember, their neck beats are to support their air. Better yet, see if they can work out ways that you can help promote your music.